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monitering tracks


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no sound comes out , either through the speakers or head phones , when playing . singing . The track still records . This occurs whether I plug a " line in "at the back of the computer , e.g. guitar . or a micraphone at the front . If I play , " line in " , the top band of the moniter is dominant regardless of what I do to the pan . If I record with a microphone , both bands are equal , many thanks

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Guest MichaelJee



Not sure that I understand what your issue is.


Being able to monitor the mic / line level input, through the speakers is a function of the soundcard and operating system.


To see if you can get the functionality working, click Start > Control Panel > Sound > Audio Tab > Volume > Options > Properties… Make sure for input that Stereo Mix and Record Control are ticked


If you search the WWW, you’ll find there’s often little chance of getting the monitor function working in Vista, due to certain features of its architecture.




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