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HourGuard Bug


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First of all, I would like to thank you guys for this software. It's extremely useful for me.


I found few bugs and would like to also give suggestions for HourGuard. I've used the 'Contact' page but have not received any reply. So here goes.


- When you resize the column, it doesn't remember the size. Even when you just minimize the window and restore it, the column will default back.

- Ability to reorder the column would be great.

- I cannot seem to edit the notes for currently active task. I find this is/can be very useful because when you double-click on a base task (in other words make a task active), you would want to record what that task is all about before you forget it. (One suggestion on top of this that I can give is to have the 'Notes' field a textbox in the main screen, so it's directly editable (make it faster and more convenient than double click on that item and edit)).

- Time Sheet Entry dialog box should allow user to create an active task. At the moment, a task there must have an End time, which means it is a completed task. It will be great if it can have no end time (meaning it's currently active).

- A graphical representation of the recorded time sheet (alternative view in the report) would be great. Eg.


|--- eat ---|--- talk with A ---|--- do something ---| etc.


One suggestion for report is to have the dates selector on the top (prev & next day / prev & next month), so we can navigate the dates without having to close the window and recreate the report.


I hope you don't take this as complaint. I just thought that HourGuard can be a killer software with these suggestions.




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And, I've got another problem I'd like to mention. Unless I did something very wrong, which doesn't seem to be the case, there's no "Help" in the release I'm using.


I admit to being a bit on the green side but I've not figured out the relationships between "Accounts", "Tasks" (Base & Sub), time recorded and the work that I'm doing.


I'm sure that I'm missing one tiny little obvious thing that will make me go "Ah HA!" but I'll be darned if I can see it like this.


Thanks for letting us try out your software!

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Guest nchmw

Thanks for the comments IrishMike and Conan, the current version 1.30 was released on the 24th of April and a couple of your issues are solved with that version.


- You can right click on the active task in the "Tasks" column/window and edit the notes.

- There is also a help shortcut on this version

- You are able to re-order the columns be clicking on the headings


I've made a note of the other suggestions (especially the column width problem) and hopefully we can put some of them in the next release.

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