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Toolbox in Mixpad


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New to NCH software, previously used the precursor to Adobe Audition (Cool Edit Pro v. 2.1) . The computer I had that installed in finally gave up the biscuit and I have been shopping around for a new recording/processing suite. I thought I would give MixPad and WavePad a shot. So, I opened MixPad right after installing it properly, and checked out the toolbar. Right away I noticed the 'Toobox', as I wanted to see the variety of options for manipulating my files. I clicked on the icon and I got a message box that said "Install on demand - Toolbox" so I went through the protocol. It apparently did not install properly as when I clicked on the Toolbox Icon again, I got a message box this time telling me that I must have had a problem with the file that tried to load the first time (something like that) I was told to try again at another link. Unfortunately I was not able to sucessfully install the file at that link, either. I deleted with the uninstall file that was packed with the toolbox file, and went to file manager (Vista) and unloaded the processes and rebooted.


So I am ready to try again. The software is useless to me as is, unless I get that tool box function to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




cactus jammies[/color]

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Guest MichaelJee



The toolbox is a link ALL of the apps that NCH create.

If you want to use Wavepad or MixPad, simply click on the effects, and edit menus at the top left.




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