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Golden Records/Cassette/Mac OsX/Ilink Hookup


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Hi All, I have a powerbook G4 hooked up thru an I Link/USB connection to my SonyDCR-TRV950 Camera which is connected to my cassette out jacks back into the camera. Now I can monitor the signal in the camera fine; but no signal to the Powerbook thru Golden Records. The Ilink works because I can hear the signal in Final Cut Pro from the powerbook headphones jack. The problem with using FCP4 to record is it needs a timecode to record. In other words, all would be ok if I wanted to record video as well as audio. Any ideas how to use Golden Records with Ilink? Thanks in advance, Naplesbob

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Guest MichaelJee



Sorry, it is not clear what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to record audio from a video camera?


What’s a “cassette out jack” ?




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