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Sorry if this is a stupid question but I want to split some video clips, i.e. make two clips from one. I cannot see instructions as to how to do this except where help states "If you want to cut your clip into segments use "Slice" button under the preview screen."


What preview screen? And are there any simple to understand instructions anywhere?


:( but hopefully :lol:

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I'll assume you know how to import a file as a clip and add it to the video sequence. If not, let me know and I'll add another reply.


If you want to 'slice' a section of video, you do that in the assembled 'sequence', not as a clip.


When you have a clip in the sequence, click on the sequence, or on the word 'sequence' above it, and preview screen will change to show the whole of the project that is currently being assembled in the sequence view. There may be only the one clip, or as many as you are currently assembling together.


Move the cursor to the position in the sequence you want to make the cut or 'slice'. You can do that by clicking with the mouse cursor on the sequence time line.


Once you have the cursor at the position you want to slice the film, look for the 'slice' icon, just below the word 'Project' below the preview pane. There are two icons there, one is a microphone symbol, the other is a scalpel blade. Click the scalpel blade. Hey presto the sequence is 'sliced' at the cursor position into two sections.


On the other hand if you want to cut up a clip into segments say perhaps if you want to import different sections of a clip into the sequence, you don't use the 'slice' button. Use the 'in point' and 'out point' to define the start and end points of a section of the clip you are working on, then click the 'add new clip' button and a new clip will be created as a smaller section of the original clip, and will be listed in the clips list for that clip. Then you can import the new smaller sections into the sequence.


Hope that is some help.



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