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Recorded files filled with NULL character ?


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Sorry I'm novice..

I use the same paremeters for input and output in RecordPad and VRS Recording system (demo version)

With VRS.. I have complete files in mp3 after Wav; :D

With RecordPad I get garbage in the files with mp3 or Wav output formats :angry:

The input use the same card with LineIn channel.

Everything seems to be good while recording. But at the end the file contains always NULL chars.... !!!


This is dreadfull because my RecordPad is registered and I cannot use it !

HOW is it possible to sail such garbage product ??

Does somebody know how to solve this disastrous problem ! :unsure:


Thank you for your help and I apologize for my hawfull english (smile I'm french ! It's well known thru the world.. )


:rolleyes: Escarlate :angry:

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