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Fast product missing features and buggy

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I purchased express-RIP and bought support there are basic issues with this ripper -- it is obvious the development team has not tried to rip a complete library with their own tool. This is sad. I am a programmer and a degreed computers scientist and hope that these observations will help the development team and other users.


1. Strings overflow with CDs with long track names and embedded double quotes " -- I am not sure if it is the long title / track names or which data element that causes the overflow but the artist, the album, tracks 1 & 4 are corrupted in the GUI on CDs with long names. This happens on many classical CDs with long names. It is correct on Media Player 11, WinAmp, & Bonc that all use FREEdb and of course it is correct on I-tunes using gracenote. This is only an Express-RIP problem and needs to be fixed ASAP. Reported to support.


2. The autoplay option to start express-rip works but the program does nothing...it should start ripping. Why would I want any other behavior on autostart?


3. The firewall or weird port 80 issues. FreeDB not accessible errior - yet the track names display fine. This bug has been reproted 100's of times, it is not my firewall or anyone elses, it is buggy connect code and only happens on port 80.


4. CRC error processing or handling copy-protected CDs - there is no documentation about and no features for handling jittter issues or other weak sectors, how do I know the copy was good? DO I have to play all 2000 CDs and make sure they are ripped correctly?

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