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Axon + IVM external calls

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I am a new Axon user and so far i am loving it.


I have setup Axon PBX with to extensions (101 and 102) and with two external lines. (spa3102 to pstn and a voipbuster account)


This is working very good.


The customers call in on the SPA3102.


The incoming calls are picked up by the IVM with play the OGM message press 1 for sales.


Now is the problem that when i make a blind transfer to an extension it is working fine but when i make a blind transfer to (for example) my mobilephone i get the next message in axon:


transfer initiated from sip:198@ connecting SPA3102 <sip:ïncoming number"@> with sip:907812345678@localhost (the 9 is for the dialingplan for voipbuster)


Error returned: 400 Bad Request.


So it will not call the number.


The question is how can i get IVM and Axon to call an extarnal number after pressing 1 for sales?


Is there something i do wrong?


please help.

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