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Hi, I have struggled with learning VB.net by constructing an application which modifies the ID3 tag of mp3-files. I change the tag-field 'title' among other fields. With the stamp editor v2.03 the change of the 'title' is presented by Windows Explorer, but not after run of my program. Other fields are registred by Windows Explorer also by my program. I have compared the last 128 bytes of the mp3-file and they are equal. I hope that someone can enlighten me here - there must be a trick about mp3-files that I do not know about. Thanks in advance. Br. km

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I downloaded and used Stamp, however, I could not save my changes. I made a note to NCH about this problem. No answer. I thought that this no save is due to the fact that I was using the free version. So I bought this free software. It still doesn't save my changes, so I downloaded TagScan. It is a free software and does the job perfectly. I dropped the brand new, just purchased, but useless NCH product and using theĀ free TagScan instead of it. Thanks NCH!

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