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Patton 4112 Gateway and Axon combination issue


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This issue has also been sent to the Patton tech support team since it's hard for us to figure out if this is a Patton 4112 (hardware VOIP Gateway) issue or an Axon issue. Patton has provided us with a new configuration for the 4112 which we loaded but our analog line (1 only) still doesn't register with Axon. We've added an external line in Axon for the Patton with Linename, ID, password etc. all the same to 10000, 10000, 10000 and selected the 'Other device will contact us' option.

Does anybody reading this succeeded in getting the Patton 4112 (or any Patton gateway) to work with Axon? A working config file we can load for our Patton maybe?

We've been trying so hard for weeks now to get this to work but without any success. Despite the fact the we have a very simple setup since we only use softphones (Express Talk) with a couple of extensions on the Axon. For now we would be happy with inbound en outbound calls via Axon and our Patton over are regular anlog telephone line. This should be real simple.

Our Patton works however since we can make calls to the PSTN via a telnet session without any problems and even receive calls. But when receiving the Patton FXO interface line state changes from IDLE to RINGING BUT REJECTED. This is probably due to a failed external line SIP extension registration with Axon, but this doesn't show up in the Patton's log with more detail unfortunately.


Any help would be welcome.


Carlos Cairo

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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This issue is solved with the help of the Patton support staff and turned out to be an issue in the Patton configuration itself. So we can receive inbound calls successfully now ( Landline -> PSTN -> Patton -> Axon -> Softphone). However, outbound calls are still not possible (softphone -> Axon -> Patton -> PSTN). A new post was done for this on this forum.



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