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Need Technical support for wav files

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Guest Guest_Paul_*

Hi, I downloaded Express Scribe through the VLC Medical Transcription course, but it won't read the wav files from the CDs provided by the course, although it's set to read wav files. Here's what it tells me:


"Unable to open dct or wav file because audio compression code is not installed on this computer or file is corrupt. If problem persists see www.nch.com.au/acm for more information about codecs. You might need to install further Audio Compression Manager codecs from your Windows CD-ROM. If it is a wav file, try to open it with Mindows Media Player to auto-install codecs."


I tried playing it through Windows Media Player, but it also said these files weren't supported, and it didn't offer to install a solution. The website you directed me to didn't seem to have any opportunity for downloading a codec. I know the files are OK, because I have another dictation program, WAVpedal, and it reads them fine. I got this computer second hand with Windows already installed, and I don't have the original Windows CD-ROM. Do you know where I can download the necessary codecs (or whatever) to make these files readable by Express Scribe?


I notice other people seem to be having similar problems. Could you please put your technical support staff on this and maybe come up with a definitive solution?


Thanks so much.



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