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Verbose and additional voices

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I've just upgraded Verbose free version to purchased license. The three voices standard to this package all sound the same -- male generic -- even the female voice. How do I correct this?


Also how do I find and install third party voices? I want to create narrations to videos and need at the least American English male and American English female voices. Thank you.

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My problem is slightly different.


I can't seem to get my machine to recognise the L&H British English TTS. I have downloaded and installed it, rebooted etc - all to no avail.


When I open the Speech applet in Control Panel the only voice available is Microsoft SAM. No mention of the British voice. Of course, it's exactly the same in Verbose, but as Control Panel doesn't find the voice, it looks more like a system issue to me, not an issue with the verbose software, hence my post here rather than to NCH.


Has anyone else had this issue and solved it? I'm running XP with all the latest service packs etc installed. I'm still running the demo of Verbose, paying for the program is no problem, but I need to get this British English voice working...?


Any ideas folks?



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I am So Here! I just purchased and installed Verbose, and I am trying to shift to some nice female voices.


Before I purchased, I checked carefully to make sure I would be able to add additonal voices. I have followed all the instructions (Downloading the Microsoft voices; Downloading the Coolbyte zip file, running Setup.bat, etc). I also checked my Speech applet,and Microsoft Sam persists, without friends.


I know I have the software on my computer; how do I get something to recognize it? Seems others have or have had this problem, but no solutions have been posted . . .



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Using the Cepstral link on the same page will also install the voice appropriately. I downloaded a trial version to see if it would install properly in the Operating System (I have Windows XP on this machine, because some of my legacy software is critical). I don't know how this will work on later OS's.

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