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Axon and Associated System Setup

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Pre-buy question:

We have 5 lines from the phone company into the office.


Please list products I need in order to have a computer based system, ie, telephony card, Axon, carousel, etc., to utilize our current configuration and still have the option of routing calls to cell phones outside the office.


Any additional information would be helpful.


Thank you.

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I don't know if the email posted to tell us "how to use this forum" was intended for me, but the only reason I reached this point is because your process of gathering information directed me here. There was no other way to get information on the products or service, outside of just buying, but I don't know WHAT to buy unless I get feedback, and if I can't get feedback here...???

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Sorry Oris, I would have responded earlier however I had mid-terms this week and didn't have a chance to.


As you said, "telephony card, Axon, carousel"... that's pretty much all you need to set-up your basic office call routing system. As for the routing to cell phones, do you mean for someone to manually transfer calls to cell phones, to auto-forward to a cellphones after x seconds, or to ring the cellphone(s) simultaneously with any internal extensions?


Of course if you want to set-up office extensions you will have to purchase IP Phones (or ATA adapters) and connect them to your network. After that they can connect directly to Axon and be set-up for inbound & outbound call routing.

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