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  1. So, express invoice doesn't check inventoria for regular updates, only when express invoice is first launched? This is, well, kinda dumb. If I'm adding products to inventoria, express invoice should be looking regularly at the database or have some way to know that new products have been added, without needing to close and relaunch express invoice. I'm starting to feel like Inventoria is quite expensive for the limitations it actually has.
  2. So, when items are added or removed from Inventoria, I have to close and reopen Express Invoice for it to update? I'm not referring to creating invoices, I'm referring to if data is changed within Inventoria. What if these software packages are never closed and reopened? How would they be updated?
  3. How frequently does Express Invoice pull updates from Inventoria? I know it pulls and update when it first launches, but how frequently after that?
  4. I'm trying a new approach, at least for my service items. I've deleted my service items from Inventoria and added them in Express Invoice. I don't feel that this is a good solution since it doesn't address the main issue. The issue with having service type items in Inventoria is they don't show up in the items list in Express Invoice when the quantity is set to 0. Services and non-inventory items should still show up and be selectable. This also creates an issue with quotes. The items do not show up if it has a quantity of 0. I don't stock many items regularly. Many of them I add to quotes before parts are ordered.
  5. I'm a service and product based business and this software, for some, doesn't have support for non-inventoried items. For now, I am setting Labor and other services at 999999 units with a $0 cost. My costs for labor and other services are tracked in other ways. I am interested in hearing what some of you are doing for service-based items. I am also using Express Accounts and Express Invoice along side Inventoria. Hopefully this will be part of a new version as this seems to be something that's part of many businesses. I really like the ease of use, but some things need to be redesigned.
  6. I've figured out a solution. The issue Is with pricing per item. When I order a particular product, it comes in bags of 50 and I sell them individually. When dividing the cost per item, the cost was 3 decimal places, example: $2.638. Inventoria rounded to $2.64. This caused an issue with the final total. I was able to create a BoM using the bag of 50 as the ordered item and adding the individual item as the inventory stock. I feel like this inventory system could be implemented better.
  7. I purchased Inventoia, Express Invoice and Express Accounts. I just created my first purchase order with Inventoria. I added a few products that were ordered and I am seeing a discrepancy in the pricing. The pricing on my invoice are not matching the price in Inventoria. I need to add a screenshot but cannot find the attachment link.
  8. After reading much of these posts, I am starting to regret purchasing this software.
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