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  1. Well, I'm here in 2021 and using VP 5.11 and I can't sync my videos. These are videos uploaded from DVDs - both commercial ones and home-made ones. Mostly I just want to put my video collection onto one big drive. For short videos the problem isn't apparent. But for any video over about 30 minutes the video lag is obvious and painful to watch. The thing is, both the video and audio track line up at the start and end, so I can't figure out what is going on. It's all very well discussing versions, formats, video and audio cards etc. This ought to work absolutely fine in any half-decent computer from about 2013 onward, frankly. If there is an obvious fix, please, somebody hit me with it, but otherwise I'm just going to start asking around for better software. If I have to pay for an upgrade then I'm just going to shop around, 6 month grace or not. This all just damages confidence in the product.
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