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  1. Borate, I have a paid license for VideoPad and I see now that I have to pay $25 to get the current version that probably won't do me any good. I will be polite and just say that I don't like the upgrade policy.
  2. Hello again Borate, I cannot find a mention of gradient in the titles of the 59 VideoPad FAQ files I accessed through this support page. I consulted the online help through my running VideoPad app, which lists 89 effects, but none of them seem to contain the word "gradient". I could not find a full manual for the PC version of Videopad but the Mac user manual makes only three mentions of gradient, and none of them refer (in a way that I can understand) to selectively altering geometric regions within the raster. My attempts to find instructions to use gradients in VideoPad via Google search only provide results that point back to PhotoPad, and those instructions refer to changing colors, not greyscales and do not refer to geometric regions. I would be grateful if you could point me to VideoPad gradient documentation that would assist me in this matter. Referring to your sample image, it does not appear to me that there is a helpful improvement. Actually I get a better, but still unsatisfactory result by using "auto levels". I'm thinking that the sort of feature I need would be the inverse of the existing effect called "spotlight". If that could be set up as an inverse effect, it would provide the solution. But I don't see a way to invert the effect. I can get a poor approximiation of the result I want by setting the spotlight to white and the opacity to 0.10 and playing with the radius but the net result is a loss of clarity. Thanks, VidTode
  3. Thank you for the suggestion. Photopad is for still images only. I provided a still image only to illustrate the problem in a video. Is there a similar gradient editor for Videopad?
  4. I have some recordings from old movies that are too bright in the center. This can be caused by a misaligned condenser lens, and also by the way that the camera making the recording processes the image. The effect is static, so if I could set a variable radial brightness level I could solve the problem. But nowhere can I find a tool that would allow me to do this, and to be honest I am having a difficult time coming up with a search term for center brightness. This is a known problem so I was surprised to find nothing designed to do this. I suppose I could play the movie in PowerPoint and overlay a gray gradient but that would cause a loss of clarity of the image. Anyone have an idea on this? If I were a programmer it seems to me that this would be a straightforward sort of effect. You can see an example of the problem in this screenshot from an old movie. Thanks in advance!
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