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  1. I'm NEW to the program, but I too am having the issue of it taking forever (& it's NOT my hardware) so Andy, I'm wondering if they got this resolved for you??
  2. I agree with Skyler410, it SHOULD remember the last file format. I submitted the suggestion to the developer so I'm sure they'll get right on that (LOL)
  3. OK, Never mind, I found it. And I learned a few things in the process. But I'm still not sure that this software is a good fit for a novice like me, but I'll try it for awhile and see if I can become smart enough to use (& enjoy) it.
  4. I'm brand new here... This might be more software than I can handle...I'm not a photographer or anything, just an old guy trying to add some nice finishing touchesto some of the family photos. The main reason I chose to purchase PhotoPad was the Borders & Frames. Upon dragging my first photo into the editor and adding a nice border I did a 'SAVE AS" to preserve the original. Now I can't get the edited photo back. I assumed I could drag it back out, as I had done a 'Drag & Drop' to bring it in to the editor. I see the new name of the edited photo at the top of the screen (above the program options). But It didn't save it to my local hard drive. Any guess as to what I am doing wrong.??
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