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  1. Thank you Nat - that' clear and helpful - I have printed it off and will cogitate 🤐😀
  2. Thanks - I understand that -and have been editing a mixed timeline happily so far - just checking I had not missed a better way. Thanks again Did I see elsewhere that I could preview in a lesser resolution for speed and the vpj file would correctly apply all the edits to the source files on export?
  3. I am combining older family video AVI 720-576 with later stuff from my present camera in MP4 - and Exporting my edited film as MP4 1920-1080 HD (using version 10.36) My question is - is it best to edit and correct exposure etc in AVI first and export it as an MP4 clip to combine later with the others? - or does the export function happily apply all effects and transition from a timeline of both file types? Would there be a difference in the final quality if I converted to mp4 first and then edited for exposure etc?
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