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  1. Thank you!! That was an excellent explanation.
  2. I am baffled as to how to get one audio track to fade into another. Let's say I want to put "Paint it Black" first and then crossfade to "Pinball Wizard". (Yeah, I'm really dating myself😀) When I select crossfade I get a popup balloon: "Cross Fade requires at least two audio tracks. Please drag a second audio track here" even if I've already got the second track in the timeline. If I now drag "Pinball Wizard" to the end of "Paint it Black" it just leaves one after the other and there's no crossfade. If I drag "Pinball Wizard" on top of "Paint it Black", it just splits "Paint it Black" in two and sits between the two parts. There's an "Effects" box that pops up above the timeline with some controls, but nothing is labelled and I have no idea what the controls do. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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