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  1. How many bins? I don't think there is a trial version of the vp What is the vp anyway! Thanks
  2. With the master version can I see the windows folders? I have dozens of folders of images, each with a year name like 2005. In this software i am told I have to create new folders for each year and transfer the images over! Thanks for your help
  3. Thanks I guess the company does not have that info on their website. UPDATE. Company just wrote that they have no comparison table Will look at premiere 2021
  4. Here there is videopad free, and 2 paid for versions. Onetime payment. Where is the chart showing the differences?
  5. So altho I have folders 2020 etc in windows, in videopad I have to make new folders named 2020 etc. Then copy and paste hundreds of images. I am beginning to miss pinnacle 12 which would show the windows folders. Thanks
  6. I have dozens of folders whose name is a year, like say 2020. How do I bring them in still in their folders so i don't mix up the images? Yes I am new to this latest version Thanks
  7. New to this software. How can i put all of the media in the media bin to the time line in one go? Also When i ned to select videos, one by one, how do i tell the media bin to stay open untill i have finished. All i am doing is putting lots of videos into one video Thanks all
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