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  1. I uninstalled and going with FTW instead. I did let them know twice. No error. Just pressed play on the mp4 and there was nothing, just nothing. I love express scribe so this is frustrating and I've bought over 21 of them for my team, so I would like support to reply to me, but they don't seem to. I know my team will want something that works. What I hate is updates mean you have to pay a registration again. FTW is 24 for 2 years, unlimited updates. So I will keep using it until they sort out Express.
  2. Ok so I did this, ran the patch they provided, now NONE of my mp4 files will even play now, omg, is there any other transcription playing software out there as I am over this
  3. I have it set up as I always have, it used to work, nothing has changed, it pulls from a folder in my system that my website automatically drops the file into when clients upload them.
  4. I found this on an earlier post about 2009 saying this would be fixed, for some reason it isn't working again I have the absolute latest copy of this software. I am frustrated that with every update, nothing changes yet you pay for another update / installation to use it. When will they sort this out? To be able to actually TYPE in the deadlines and priority would be so useful as well but that too has never worked. I am definitely on the lookout for something else, but in the interim, can someone resolve the automatic incoming issue? I have removed it, restarted the computer, add it back and it still isn't working.
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