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  1. This completely makes sense and is exactly what I tried to do last night when I was starting the sync. Let’s see if this works.
  2. So, last year I started using the Express Invoice app on my iPhone. As my partner saw the success and ease of it he asked if he could access it with his iPhone. I could not find a way to setup a web interface from the iPhone so I downloaded the app to my PC and started to do it from there. I also downloaded it on my iPad to test the "sync device" feature that utilizes a dropbox account. Before syncing the device to dropbox, it requested I backup the device, which I couldn't figure out how to do (now I see it's in "tools"). Once I Synced the device, all data was lost. Any ideas how I might be able to access it again? Could it be one of the files in dropbox? I'm such a novice, any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
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