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  1. Well I found WavePad when looking for a capability to make a spectrograph of hyrdophone recordings I am making trying to identify the sounds of Gray Whales and other critters in my back yard. So far I am just loading recordings and then trying to identify the various background sounds, such as oysters popping open, fish calling and croaking, the sound of various water fowl trying to eat the hydrophone and then brush by as they give up. I'm recording 24x7 and while I have the sounds playing in my home via a bluetooth speaker 24x7 I use WavePad spectrogram to lay out the frequency and volume and have been able to see the sounds I'm interested in without listening to all those hours of recordings. I do have a question, is there a difference in capabilities between the free and $99 version I can download from the Windows Store? I love the free version and was working on figuring out things such as trying to filter out 60hz interference when I plug my rig to line power to get the power brick recharged while still recording sound. My ultimate goal is to have a good sound file that I managed through WavePad and lay it on as a sound track to the whale videos I shot with my DJI Air2s drone. Trying to help researchers put the whale sounds to videos of them feeding in the shallow water over a sandbar by my home.
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