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  1. Greetings all! I just purchased mix pad and I am recording two tracks (piano and voice) https://speedtest.vet/ It seems that the vocal track is a bit behind even though I recorded using a metronome. This get worse as the song continues. By the end it is a real problem. https://vidmate.bid/ Solutions??? Orochimaru.
  2. Hello everyone,, i need a simple "click to record/stop" recorder that will capture a single windows audio device, i've found trial software (recordpad) and malware coupled (another program has "relevant knowledge" which is malicious, one of the worst i faced back in the day) which looked good, but obviously aren't acceptable here's a visual of what i'm talking about hotkeys, quality settings and such are all good, and it spits out an auto generated name. thanks in advance
  3. Is It Possible To Create Ring Tones With The NCH Switch Software? If So , Can I Get Any Tips & Tricks On This Situation ? WavePad Is The Software I Am Using. I Have An Verizon LG Bluetooth enabled cell phone. I Hear I Am Only Able To Get Ringtones Thru My Cell Phone Company . However I Can Load Music With The SDHC Card . Please respond . Thank You.
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