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  1. Thanks Fred28. Do you know WHY this is? Is there any way round it. The App does recognise various connected devices in the microphone input, including the wired earphones with its internal mic that came with the phone originally. However, as you say, I can't SELECT any of these. It just goes back to [Default Sound In]. I will see if I can re-route another device to [Default Sound In]. Someone got some smart software that does this already??
  2. In Mac version, I can do this, but not on Android. (Free version) Sennheiser Momentum 2 True Wireless Earbuds (with microphones) appears in list, but cannot be selected. Selection returns to Default Sound In. This is under Audio Options > Recording options > Track 1 > Recording device. Also cannot change from MONO to STEREO here. But Audio PLAYBACK device IS selected automatically as "MOMENTUM TW 2 bluetooth" Device is paired and can playback OK. Thanks
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