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  1. Thank you DannR/ Guru .... Greatly appreciated, Mr B
  2. I am a musician and not an engineer. That being said, I have been using another program since 2009 at a very low level of expertise and have had no problems. This project is a work of love for children/family/friends. I am 79 and on the downhill pull of this thing called life. Is there a empathetic Tech out there than can help this old man? I need very elementary language . . . Like ABC and 123 . . . 1. I just finished 2 albums, 23 songs, for the children, family and friends. Rendered to MP3 files and did several cd's. 2. I sent the files cross country to a friend to do backups/harmony. He uses another program, and can't open the files. What Now? 3. Research and suggestions showed that AAF or OMF files are compatible with both DAWs. At this point I can't locate a program that successfully does this. 4. In short, I want to convert my MP3 audio files to a compatible file for both parties and move on. Thank You and God Bless, Mr. B 🌞
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