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  1. A further bar numbering issue. If one inserts multiple rests in a piece using a single bar with the number of bars noted above the bar using text, how can the system recognise this? E.g. at Bar 23, I insert 3 bars rest but, what should be noted as Bar 27 is described as Bar 24 by Crescendo.
  2. Thank you. Can the numbering system be adapted to allow compliance with the convention regarding bar numbers after a first time repeat / second time bar? At the moment the system adds the number of first time bars to the number of second time bars when calculating the number of the bar immediately after the second time bar(s). E .g. if there are two first time bars and one second time bar, and the number of the bar immediately before the first first-time bars is X, the bar after the second time bar is shown as X+1+2 = X3, whereas convention is that the calculation should be X+1.
  3. When a piece of music comprises more than one movement it is convention to restart the bar numbering at the start of each new movement. Has anyone found a way of doing this? Thank you.
  4. Am pleased to say that, in responce to a request, NCH have fixed problem (Version 6.33).
  5. Use of the Up & Down Bow symbols results in the deletion of any previously entered Accent, Staccato etc. mark, and vice versa. Other than having to use a time consuming work around (e.g. 'cut & paste' bowing symbols copied from an Internet site into a text box), how can the frequent need to indicate bowing & an accent for the same note be achieved?
  6. Auto format is not so useful. It can result in the need for laborious manual editing. If a piece contains accidentals, using Auto Format cab allow accidentals to obscure the preceding note. Similarly, accidentals can obscure Measure / Bar numbers if the option to show numbers for all Measures is selected.
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