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  1. thank you Borate, I will go and ask Instagram. You have been very helpful and patient with me. Excellent support team
  2. Hello Borate, Thank you again for your patience with me I run the onedrive video that you provide and it works fine. I can see the whole screen in my adroid phone Has your friend viewed the instagram account that I provided below in his Android device? to see if my video in IGTV works with other devices https://www.instagram.com/rodneygitara/ One more thing, I ask my wife to access the video in IGTV and she has the same experience, it clips the video on both sides. She uses a Samsung Android. Im using a Motorola Android device. Regards, Rodney
  3. Hello Borate, Have you tried it on a mobile phone? This is how it looks in my phone. As you can see it cuts out the left and right side,. compare it to what I see in my PC below https://apis.mail.yahoo.com/ws/v3/mailboxes/@.id==VjN-xYosIm6Djm92w2jIPmaa0N_5KC3YscecyhbVlQOovRGbRUUdtcTWQiiA_lmYOdHR_tmbZU_QP6bd5QzJLzvu9w/messages/@.id==AEwiafEKPfJbYDybaAVLeJHjifA/content/parts/@.id==2/thumbnail?appid=YMailNorrin&downloadWhenThumbnailFails=true&pid=2 -0-0- here is the comparison of the video as viewed in my computer versus mobile phone. 'https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SaKZTWIypsEkm13Fmmuzdpch1avLVhkA In the second slide are the pre-sets that I used. I really need help on this one.
  4. Hello Borate, Here is the google link with the information you needed https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SaKZTWIypsEkm13Fmmuzdpch1avLVhkA?usp=sharing One more update, using optiion iii also did not work with IGTV. The width of the video exceeded the width of the phone (Android). Also can you let me know the different use cases for the 3 options. When do I use which option? Regards,. Rodney
  5. Hello Borate, Thank you for the reply. Here is what I have done so far - I chose option (i) instagram vertical video (9:16), and it clipped in the width of the video when I uploaded the video in instagram (IGTV) -rigth now I have done option (iii) Android phone vertical video (9:16). I will load it to Instagram later today and hopefully it should work on my android devices, unfortunatly I dont have an iphone to test it with I will do as you suggested and send you the google drive link later today. The biggest question, is why are there 3 options? As a user, it should not matter which device is accessing instagram (IGTV), right? 1080 x 1920 should mean the same for everyone is there a possibility that this is an instagram issue? or compatibility of Videopad format with instagram? Thank you and regards, Rodney
  6. Hello Everyone, this is my first time to join this board. I have a question, if any of you guys have experience this and how to address. I have edited a video for Instagram, I used the instagram vertical video (9:16) in the preset in videopad. However, when I downloaded the video in Instagram, the video is not a correct fit when played in my mobile device (Android). the width of the video overflowed beyond the screen 1st question, there are 3 options related to instagram in videopad (i) instagram vertical video (9:16) (ii) iphone vertical video (9:16) (iii) Android phone vertical video (9:16). Which one should I use? if I used (ii) does it work with Android display or vide versa. I have already tried option (i) and it overflowed . Thank you and regards, Rodney
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