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  1. Pb resolved by changing decimal separator comma (',') by dot ('.')
  2. Hi when i try to import file from csv (comma separator) I have a pb with number which has format 707,70€which is parsed as 70770,00€ (oups). If i try to change in settings decimal character from ',' by '.' this one impact only view and not value imported. How I can ask to parser to make difference from "field1, field2, field3, number,dec, field4, etc..." where "number,dec" is ONE value 707,11€ and NOT 2 VALUES Thanks for helping Frederic
  3. Very bad simple expression parser. It appears you can set a constant value but cannot use or do reference to it in other expression simple, only a function (roundup, ..) Typically: A -> expr simple -> 1000 => OK B -> expr simple -> 500 => OK C -> expr simple -> A-B => KO -> unrecognized field ERROR C -> expr simple -> A-1 => KO -> unrecognized field ERROR C -> expr simple -> Field5-1 => OK due to type of field5 Oups
  4. Right, I agree & think i am learning how EA works. The starts of new adventure ....
  5. Thank's, i skip all taxes values. I have tried all these values (10, 10% tva(10) tva(10%), etc ..) and have not all time to test all others. It(s the responsability of developpers to set right doc and samples for end user, if values provided don't match, bye bye columns import. For date I set basically DD/MM/YYYY and it imports fine.
  6. Hi , thank's for answer I know where is the option and i use it and precise my request. In the import csv file for "devis" in french or "quote" there 2 columns named "Taux de taxe" and "Taux de taxe de l'article" . For each column (article, description, ..) i set a value exported from excel, but what value set in file for taxe ? Regards Frederic
  7. Hi, in import csv file, what value to insert for "valeur/défaut" and TVA(20%) ? Thank's Regards Frederic
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