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  1. The issue is that I get the error message even after I delete every backup file I can find.
  2. Hi. I uninstalled the software on my mac, and deleted the backup files. Now I have reinstalled the software and backed up to a new place, but when I try to restore the backup file, it says that the file is corrupt. What to do? I think that the soft ware did not do that before I tried to import PC backup files. It is as if something has been left behind from that that is triggering the error and I cannot get rid of it. Thanks.
  3. Hi. I own a PC and a Mac and would like to share data between them. I have a personal licence, actually, two personal licences, one for each computer. They are not really networked. They are often on the same wi fi at home, but, my Mac can't really see my PC and I think setting up a network at home would be too difficult. Both computers are on the same Onedrive account. But, it seems that the data is in a different format. When I try to use the PC data on my new Mac, the Mac software says that it is corrupted. Is there any solution? Thanks!
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