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  1. Please tell me exactly how you " put the 7th chord in the section you need". thanks
  2. Thank for your reply. In any piece of sheet music you may find a seventh chord that has two 1/4 notes overlapping indicating that that the two notes are played together. In the free version of Crescendo I cannot place the two 1/4 notes so that they are overlapping as on normal sheet music. They appear as separate notes. I hope this explains my problem. I will probably purchase Crescendo if I can make up a Seventh chord. Thanks for your help
  3. How do you place a seventh cord top overlapping 1/4 notes
  4. how do you place a seventh chord where a 1/4 note overlaps he top 1/4 note of the chord as required by the piece you are doing
  5. I owned and used another program successfully for many years. now I can no longer install it. With NCH I can not write cords with 1/2 notes and 1/4 notes aligned, only cords of same time. This is beyond my understanding. scorewriter
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