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  1. Thank you borate. I had never noticed that because I hadn't gotten yet to sequencing my clips. That will be helpful. Is there a keyboard shortcut or mouse control for that? So using the Sequence pane would be the recommended way to edit/trim a long source into different clips? From the VideoPad Video Editor Tutorial | GUI Overview video on the NCH Software youtube channel, I was trying to use the Clip preview pane to do my first-pass editing. Just to confirm there is no way to scroll the timeline from the clip preview pane?
  2. I'm totally brand new to VideoPad. I have a long video that I'm trying to edit into shorter clips that I can then sequence or export as stand alones. I've watched the basic tutorial movies like the Video Editor tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4Qoe43YYDU and How to trim video. I see how to set start and end points and how to split. But I cannot figure how to scroll the timeline left and right. I thought that I could use the scroll wheel or shift-scroll wheel like other apps, but that only zooms the timeline in or out. There doesn't seem to be a scroll bar or other tool to move left-right. What is the secret of moving the timeline left and right when zoomed in? I'm on Windows 10 if that matters.
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