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  1. To be more precise, it crashes immediately after a mouse drag within a plugin space in VST plugins window. And this happens still in v.12.23. Could something be done about it? I already miss the new 'History' feature...
  2. As far as I know WavePad is the only audio editor which does not offer max. encoder compression level 8 for FLAC compression. With level 8 you can save 13-15% of disk space.
  3. Since v.11.29 WavePad crashes with jBridged 64-to-32 VST plugins as soon as you use a mouse command. To day I've tried v.12.08 and it crashes still, and all other versions published in the meantime do crash too. 11.08 is the last that works fine in this respect. P.S. Since the 'suggestions' address does not work, here are some suggestions: 1. enable VST plugin sorting, 2. enable graph selections changing while VST rendering window is open, 3 in Effect Chain mode allow for more VST screens to be visible simultaneously, add bypass buttons for each and also enable for fxp settings to be chosen.
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