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  1. I have got some text entered at 8point but when in my final video it is much larger. I have deleted the text and recreated the frames but still the same problem. How do i fix this? (I have also tried dropping the text size to 6 and the size of the text drops on the film but it doesn't reflect what I see in the editor) thanks
  2. Hi I am putting a fade in on some text and it keeps disappearing. Other fade ins I have placed on other parts of the film work fine. What is going on and how do i fix this? thanks
  3. Thanks have upgraded. I now have all my videos up on youtube through the injection work around so am going to cancel the upload as even with a cut down project it is taking forever Thanks so much for your help
  4. Am uploading now but will take some time as on a v slow connection. Is 7.5.1 not the latest version? One thing to note is that I highlight the section of film that I want to export within a segment (most have two parts).
  5. Thanks for your help. I found two workarounds. 1 was the injector which has been successful for two films. The rest are still processing after 6 hours but hopefully they will complete. The second was to export to local file system, reimport to VideoPad then export to YouTube. However this resulted in a line where the two cameras stitch together There is definitely something odd going on with the export directly from VideoPad v7 for me
  6. 7.51 The thing is that when I export to my local system it works as a 360 draggable video. Doesn't that mean it has the correct meta data associated with it? I open it in VLC and it looks great. When I upload the same file to Youtube it isn't recognised as 360 video.
  7. I might be using a newer version of videopad. I am using the non commercial version. I did try to find the version number but can't see where to get it. Not sure what you mean or how to do this. What I loved about Videopad is how easy it was to use! I have looked at the link you sent me but that requires a fair amount of brain activity. The beauty of using VideoPad in the past is that this wasnt necessary!
  8. Thanks - has something changed in the last few weeks? This used to work seamlessly in the past. I would just upload to Youtube, checking the 3d box and everything worked. But that is no longer the case. I don't see a date on that article so not sure how it relates. This is how it now appears on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGM4C94VIKU&t=2s and this is how it used to appear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW1pAUzSMUI Same process in stitching the source video, same process editing in VideoPad, same process in uploading to Youtube, but a very different result thanks
  9. Hi I have been merrily uploading 360 videos from VideoPad but now they don't appear as 360 videos when viewed on Youtube. I have tried exporting as 360 video to the local file system, then uploading as well as exporting direct to YouTube. I have tried using presets, I have tried checking the 360 video box and leaving it unchecked. The best config for me is: "360 degree 1980p" with the check box, unchecked for conversion from 2d to 3d. I have hi res 360 videos that work fine on my laptop but when I upload them, they become 2d. Has something changed? What is the foolproof way to make this work? Older videos on my channel still work in 360 but none that I have tried to upload in the last week. thanks for your help Nick
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