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  1. I suspected that eventually all would end up with suggestions for making upgrade Anyway, thanks for your help, time and attention! I will also definitely use the Proxy method next time - everything will run much smoother with it.
  2. I can do this, however I don't know if anything will be happening on your fast computers. Usually project requires a few minutes of editing for VideoPad to start having problems with file handling, but for this unlucky segment (which made me especially tired) the cursor behaves strangely shortly after the sound is loaded, during play. The effect is also common when changing the zoom (with the shifter in the lower right corner). The reason was not one file that I used often ("SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG All Cutscenes (All Paths, Dark, Hero and Neutral) Game Movie 1440P 60FPS.mp4"), but also "Bayonetta
  3. I know these two ways and it would be hard to do without them After exiting the project, I almost always delete the entire folder with temporary files. Especially before exporting, because when exporting a movie with old temporary files, I have a guarantee that most of the video effects will not be saved properly. (So I don't understand why the program doesn't clean this folder on its own or at least update the video effects files.) Without dividing it into segments, it would not be possible to do much either, but - and that's the problem - I used to be able to calmly edit an eight-minut
  4. Well ... I've been using VideoPad for about half a year and initially there were no problems (at least not the ones I couldn't deal with), but recently some of the larger files (about 1.4GB) have started to get annoying problems. Depending on the intensity of your work, after about 30 minutes the file starts to be difficult to play - it looks as if the sound is not keeping up with the video. At first it is barely visible, but as the minutes go by, the program thinks more and more, until finally it is impossible to work with it and a restart is necessary. Here is the screen: https://i
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