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  1. I am running version 4.02 It only happens when I use categories that I have created. The categories that are pre-defined work nicely, as to sub-categories under them. I cannot get "Condo Fees | Unit 1" to work, but "Dues | Unit 1 fee" works (as "Dues" was pre-defined in NCH) I just tried adding the categories under the Manage item rather than Categories icon and it works nicely. Problem solved.
  2. I am able to add split deposits and select the category, but the categories on the splits are not "taking". I can set the category, but all reports show the split deposit as "not categorized". When I go back to the split deposit and open the split deposit, I see each of the splits are now listed as "Not Categorized". This is a show-stopper for me. Any ideas?
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