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  1. I have been using Wavepad since 2012 on my MAC and have had very little issues except that it crashes now an again, however I do not lose my work. I am a radio reporter and need to upload radio reports that are 1:27 (one minute, 27 seconds). With V 10.7, I save a 1:27 file and when I reopen it, I find that it is now 1:2740. What is going on??? I will then edit out the .40 and save it again. When I reopen, it is back to 1:2740. This will not work for me because I need to be 1:27! In order to get my work done on deadline, I redownloaded version 6.51 which works the it suppose to work. Furhermore, 10.7 does not allow you to change the appearance of the wave to classic green like all the other previous versions did. After using classic green for 8 years, the grey on white wave interface is nearly impossible to use.
  2. I recently just downloaded Voxal voice changer on my Mac by NCH just for discord but it has been acting oddly. I looked it up and saw some people saying it was like malware and some saying it is a great voice changer. essay writer Though it does frighten me a bit because one it is acting quite oddly and my Mac keeps saying no I already installed it tho have not connected it to my mic yet and probably wont and will uninstall it just to be safe. Though it would be nice if I could get an answer if it is a virus. And one other thing I am going to mention is that for some reason in Finder it showed up under Locations which I found odd. Thank you.
  3. When I click on the link on my website a play bar opens and plays after it is clicked. How can I autostart this playbar and hide it or at least put it on one of my web pages??? The server streams and I can connect without problem... V1.28 essay writer
  4. Hi I have old extension VM Audio Files used open with Samsung PC Studio 3, after years essay writer I need open it and cant access or hear them also not convert VM files was Voice record in old samsung phones nch software for audio is the best searcher Please Help
  5. Hi I'm new to mixing, but generally enjoying using MixPad. However I have an issue which seems to occur after I duplicate some tracks (to pan one left and the other right) - it may be a stupid thing to do, but with the accompaniment central and voices either side sounds good to me! omegle xender Anyway, the playback stutters and jumps about, making it sound like a broken record. When I export to MP3 the exported file is fine, but I need to be able to adjust levels before exporting, and this is driving me crazy. It's not just this one file, and not just today. Any suggestions?
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