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  1. NCH confirmed the bug & stated fix will be in next release.
  2. Try it with 6/4 time signature at 60 BPM. When I do, the 2nd measure starts at 4 sec instead of 6.
  3. When I set Beat Maker tempo to 60 (assuming 60 bpm), and then set the beats per bar to 6, I would expect the end of the 1st bar to be at 6 secs, right? Instead, it is at 4 sec. Is this a bug or is there something I'm missing here? I thought perhaps it was a bug in my old version (6.21), but I downloaded the most recent version (7.32), and the problem was the same.
  4. I had a similar problem. I'm using a Win10 laptop with a single USB mic & recording multiple tracks, one at a time. I wanted to listen to the track I was recording thru headphones (plugged into the audio out jack) while recording it (i.e. playing the instrument being recorded). I had to install an ASIO driver. ASIO4ALL did the trick. It's free. I had some trouble getting the headphones to work. I think it was due to another program that automatically launched when I plugged in the headphones, wanting to control the audio out. As long as I exit this interfering program without making any selections, the ASIO driver seemed to work fine in controlling both the USB mic input & the analog audio output, allowing me to hear what I was recording through the headphones. In my research, I discovered that many avoid this problem by purchasing an audio interface, which typically come with their own ASIO driver, if not their own recording/mixing sw.
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