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  1. I am so glad I didn't pay for this after the trial before figuring out this huge flaw that renders the program almost unusable. It's surreal and unbelievable to not have the cropped area become what will be exported at the end. Don't put bars around it, don't stretch it, don't force any specific aspect ratio onto it. All the workarounds here are ridiculous and too impractical. And Zoom is NOT the same, as it keep the original resolution. If I have a 4K horizontal video and just want to crop out a 320p vertical area, I don't want that to stay 4K resolution, and I don't want to measure how large the crop has become and enter those values somewhere manually. This is not a missing feature, this is minimal core behavior of how a video editor should work. Might as well try to sell a bicycle that can't steer and then have long forum discussions about how people just have to lean to a side and use their feet on the ground to change direction.
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