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  1. Error message is usually "unable to initiate output". I tried clearing cache. Didn't work. I noticed a lot of talk on other threads about saving as regularly to prevent export errors. What does that do? It's the one thing I haven't tried on this installation which is only 24hrs old?
  2. It's shows that my product is registered from within the program. This is a bug. Sort it with a patch. I paid the money so it would be best it worked. Or I'll be asking for the money back. I found your reply to be a bit dismissive too if I'm honest. Put your back in. If this a known issue explain it or tell me you don't know. Don't tell me to repeat what I just did. I just did and it worked but the export function doesn't fully. Thanks
  3. I am only able to export to mpeg. At the . No other formats work. I'm using the current version paid for and registered.
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