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  1. EDIT: Nevermind, the video doesn't even play back properly at all. It just freezes most of the time, and by 4 minutes in, it doesn't even render.
  2. Oh wow, it actually exports a lot quicker. Thank you!
  3. Whenever I export a video, most of the time it uses about roughly 50-60% of my CPU, which is adequate enough, but when it goes down to 20-30%, it tends to take ages to just export a single second of the video. Is there a reason as to why VideoPad does this? CPU = Intel Core i5 9600K
  4. Hi, Thank you for replying. Although this is one possible method, it doesn't keep things such as the fade in and fade out effects, and the time length. Is there any possible way to copy and paste with the effects and time length? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm working on a new video and I've ran into an issue. Usually when I copy and paste text clips, it makes a new one and I can edit that without it changing the previous text clips. However, now when I copy and paste text clips, it seems to not make a new copy in the images tab and it just simply edits not only the new text clip duplicate, but the previous text clips. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks.
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