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  1. Unfortunately, I think I will have to delete them all and redo them. I'm going to stop syncing with Dropbox, which is unfortunate and makes the software less useful going forward if I cannot easily use it over multiple devices.
  2. On a PC. I would prefer not to have to delete the payment and then re-enter the payment - there are lots of them!
  3. I have a number of invoices which are showing as 'not paid' even though the payment has correctly been allocated to the invoice? This is confusing for customers when they receive a statement which shows that their invoice as 'not paid' when they can see their payment listed? I've recalculated the customers balance and still this hasn't helped???? Confused.
  4. A customers account balance is correctly at 0.00 however, there is an invoice which is shown as partially paid - there are two invoices one with a credit balance of £25.00 the other with an amount outstanding £80.00 (although the invoice is for £105.00). Why cannot I allocate the credit balance and outstanding invoice to the payment so that both invoices are 'paid'?
  5. When I print off the 'unpaid accounts report' there are customers who have 18452 in the days overdue column? This is incorrect and seems to be associated with those who have made partial payments? How do I override this? Thanks.
  6. For some reason since setting up web access we are unable to send via email, why is this? How should it be set up? Can anyone help please, it is saying that 'email user name authentification or password not accepted' or something very similar?
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