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  1. Thanks. Have downloaded. I have now got a playable copy. The DVD version on the TV plays rather blurry i.e. at a lower, whereas when it plays on a pc, it is as sharp as the original. I guess there must be a setting I should change.
  2. Message for Borate: I'm sorry to say that I followed the process for the revised file, got the "burned successfully" message but the dvd would not play in my Toshiba dedicated player. To eliminate issues, I have tried this on 2 other dvd players with no success. I have already bought a new dvd writer thinking that might be the problem. I have compared this with an earlier dvd made via Movie Maker which works in all the machines, so am not sure what to try next. Have burnt 15+ dvds now to attempt to get this right! Could I ask you to burn a disc and try and see if there is another problem
  3. Many thanks for looking at this and coming up with a solution so quickly. I've downloaded and played the file in videopad and will burn off a copy tomorrow. Thanks again.
  4. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GeYMTQuNyVLm_GtUhPFvVnanZ77yBXx6?usp=sharing Ok this is it Just noticed this is 530MB folder. Maybe too high? I have used an image file in the past as the source or gone straight from the videopad file using express burn.
  5. I have previously made a video dvd from moviemaker and then express burn successfully. I have tried to do the same with video pad and express burn unsuccessfully. I have attached links to the VIDEO.TS files listed on the 2 dvds. Can anyone explain why the first plays [1] in a dvd player and the second one does not [2] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c3xwFsYgpsa_RFG9Oii4P4NDHq0OJxzE/view?usp=sharing [this one works] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EK1S6YVOAh86LNDLtNHMDhvw8cupUbIl/view?usp=sharing [this one does not play in a dvd player] Thanks
  6. Thanks I'll try this and for the quick response..
  7. I would like to brighten 4 sequences in a video by adding light. The video effects brighten section doesn't change the image when I add to the default 128.00 measure. Is it possible to add the same enhancement to all 4 sequences in one go? When I look at the auto effects, the enable box is checked. If I uncheck it it makes no difference when I change the other settings. So how you I change the brightness setting and then how to I preview it? Thanks
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