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  1. Hi I'm experiencing a recurrent problem on Videopad. Audio narrative that I have recorded using the 'Add Narration' function as well as stock sounds seem to work fine when I am working on the draft in Videopad. But as soon as I save the file, close down Videopad and come back to the file the audio is missing. The files are not showing any coloured waveform (which was there previously) but look empty/black. Video tracks are working fine (I used a template 'Stacks' and made adjustments as it wasn't exactly what I needed). Need urgent help with this as I bought this software for a specific project and there is a deadline approaching next week. I have already wasted a lot of time redoing the audio once. The only thing I can think of is this: is there a specific folder on my hard drive that the sounds/audio need to be saved in, in order for the software to find them again when opening up? Thanks a mil! Loris
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