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  1. I will do so today Borate. I got side-tracked the last few days. thanks Another issue. I have a 2011 Macbook Pro with 8GB ram. The cursor does not move along with project smoothly especially when there are more than one video tracks. The audio meters freeze as well. I assume that issue is the lack of processing power and more ram is needed. I do plan on upgrading very soon however if there are some tweeks you can recommend that would be great. I have rebooted and only have Video Pad running is issue persists. Thanks
  2. Update: I removed the iPhone 5 (MPEG4) track and then Exported 2 videos, 1 Wave audio and a Simple text as MPEG4. It worked! I determined it is issue with iPhone 5 track. I then added the sections of iPhone 5 video in use on the Timeline to the 2nd Video track and again deleted the 3rd track (iPhone5) then Exported. It worked as well. Not sure why it will not work with 3 video tracks. This is an ok work around for me because I did not plan on using this video. I was experimenting with 3 cameras. Hopefully issue does not continue. Any ideas still appreciated. I
  3. Issue is only with one MPEG-4 Export that it will not play on Quicktime or any other player. VLC player will not even play. Quicktime attempts to convert and errors that it can not play the file. I have had not problems prior or after with other mp4 Exports. I have made many videos without issue with same settings and gear. Media in Project: 3 videos (2 MPEG-4 and 1 QT Movie) on 3 separate tracks, 1 Wave (16 bit 44.1k) , 1 Simple Text - Can I mix MPEG4 and QT movie in same Export? 3 video tracks are cut to show desired shot throughout video. Does cutting up the
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