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  1. Comedian, right? NEW version means STATE what is NEW. Otherwise what is the point of calling it a NEW version? It's also called advertising or publicity of a NEW product. Sooo, I will go to the site you mentioned and make a suggestion; extend it to 1 year not six months. Then, maybe, if (and that's a big IF) you'll change it to 1 year, you'll have more time to come up with NEW or updated functions. UPDATE: I added two suggestions. I believe that creating a "NEW" version every 7 months and charging more and NOT having any NEW functions is just the SAME PRODUCT but increased cost for n
  2. I think this is was a great product; at one time. But I have used Debut since at least 2017 and when I get an email stating "NEW VERSION" and I select the "Learn More" pick... I see NOTHING LISTED AS "NEW". Why? Each updated version is supposed to be "NEW" but I see NOTHING that is NEW. Same functions as the previous version, it just costs me more to get. Maybe once since 2017 new functions were added but since that time no "NEW" functions have been added. And what about the cost, the sales price has always costs more each time. When I purchased it in January 2018; "Debut Video Capture Softwar
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