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  1. is there an option to export all sequences as a single video? it can be helpful to do so especially if i have 10 sequences. right now, after export all 10 sequences, i have to merge these in a new project, doubling or more my time in exporting the whole project. thanks.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. The issue is that applying the 'Crop to Aspect Ratio' needs to be followed by either a 5:4 or 4:5 setting. Most of the time the clip on the track will take, sometimes it won't. When it failed to take the setting, I had to remove the clip, apply the effect to the clip THEN add to the track. Now it works. Of note, VP appears to depend a lot on the rendering engine; Windows kept alerting me that it was blocking VP from accessing it, which contributed to my issue. Thanks again!
  3. I have a 16:9 project with some 4:3 video clips and an image track below it as a background. In the sequence preview, i can see the image track but when exporting the project to video, the 4:3 clip doesn't allow the image track to show at either left/right sides; it's black. I don't want to crop the 4:3 clip as I have several other clips in the project. Isn't there a way to get this done without cropping the 4:3 to its size? It's very annoying that the sequence preview is not a true preview of the export. Thanks.
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