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  1. PLease Help The MAC wavepad version 10.86 seemed to be working fine until I realized that it does not show me the length of the working file until I put the cursor at the end of the file. And then if I am trying to cut say .087 seconds I have to guess because the version does not show me how much I am cutting. Earlier versions of wavepad allowed this. Patrick
  2. I have been using Wavepad since 2012 on my MAC and have had very little issues except that it crashes now an again, however I do not lose my work. I am a radio reporter and need to upload radio reports that are 1:27 (one minute, 27 seconds). With V 10.7, I save a 1:27 file and when I reopen it, I find that it is now 1:2740. What is going on??? I will then edit out the .40 and save it again. When I reopen, it is back to 1:2740. This will not work for me because I need to be 1:27! In order to get my work done on deadline, I redownloaded version 6.51 which works the it suppose to work. Furhermore, 10.7 does not allow you to change the appearance of the wave to classic green like all the other previous versions did. After using classic green for 8 years, the grey on white wave interface is nearly impossible to use.
  3. Thanks Josh, Sorry I did specify the operating system. Question, why doesn't wavepad 10.7.1 allow an option for the classic green wave---much, much easier to work with. Patrick
  4. N_C_H Josh. I use a Mac. what you sent me was for Windows. Patrick
  5. Thank you! Please let NCH know that 10.7 is useless for many due to it not having the option for classic green audio waves. Patrick
  6. I need to download an earlier version of wavepad such as 6.51 so that my activation code will work. I appreciate any help on this.
  7. I have been using wavepad for 8 years and tonight it crashed,. The new version that downloaded does not give me the classic green wave option. I must have that, Any ideas from anyone would be helpful. Thanks Patrick in Tucson Az
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