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  1. Hello, brand spankin new person here to video editing. I know I probably will not give the correct names (ie; clip, sequence, etc) of the items and will do my best to explain. 1. VideoPad Pro 8.56 - Just started using this 3 days ago (purchased). 2. I video'd 3 total hours of musicians with sound, I made a new video file each time a new musician performed 3. I was able to load each musician's set in VP and created short snippets of each performance (two clips approximately 1 minute each) 4. Saved each file and named it appropriately (ie; Musician 1 snippet A, Musician 1 snippet B, Musician 2 snippet A, and so on) 5. I added transitions effects at the beginning and end of each saved video file I think an entire file loaded into VP and I create start/end points, becomes a "sequence" and that sequence has a "clip" in it ? What I want to do now is add another of the saved files (clips ?) to the end of an existing video file (clip) in VP. Is there a specific video tutorial that will assist me on this. Or, can someone give me specific steps to follow ? I think it's probably easy, but I'm not smart enough yet to understand it. Thank you everyone.
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