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  1. Dear Nationalsolo, Your suggestion does the tric. The quality stays preserved now. I used "Position" to centre + "Scale x 2", but your suggestion to use the Zoom option with aspect ratio 16:9 works better. P.S. Is it necessary to load the video in two tracks ? I used the scissors to split the video in two clips, then cropped the two clips (left and right), did the zoom to 16:9 and then did the video output to 1280x720. Thank you for the prompt reply and excellent answer, Wim
  2. Hello, I have recorded in OBS Studio a video with resolution 2560 x 720 (32:9), basically two screen outputs of 1280 x 720 next to each other. I want to edit now the video in Videopad Video Editor, in order to keep the left screen for a certain time, and then keep the right screen for a certain time, and write the resulting video to 1280 x 720 (16:9) resolution. When I open the video in the bin, Videopad scales the canvas to a size of 2560 x 1440 (16:9). I try to change the format to my own, by rightclicking the context menu and checking "Change Clip Aspect Ratio...". However th
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